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Contacts for the FILO Group :

For CLL and Waldenström's disease: Pr. Véronique Leblond
For AML nd other diseases: Pr. Jean Yves Cahn
For Clinical Research and Adminiqtrative part: Mrs. Roselyne Delepine, CHRU Bretonneau, Hematology and Cellular Therapy Unit, 2 boulevard Tonnelé, 37044 TOURS Cedex 1, FRANCE

Website contacts :

Dr Stéphane Leprêtre, Center Henri Becquerel, Department of Hematology, rue d'Amiens, 76038 ROUEN cedex 1, FRANCE

Mrs. Sandrine Vaudaux, Center Henri Becquerel, Clinical Research Unit, rue d'Amiens, 76038 ROUEN cedex 1, FRANCE

Information request :

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